Food Town | HURRICANE SHOPPING LIST | Houston Grocery Stores

Be prepared this hurricane season!

Use our shopping list of items to keep on hand

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- DRINKING Water - 5 gallons per person Water Purification Tablets
- Canned Soup Cereal
- Canned Meals/Stew/Ravioli Peanut Butter
- Tuna Fish/Canned Chicken Jelly
- Canned Fruit Coffee/Tea
- Canned Vegetables Soda
- Macaroni and Cheese Juice / Sports Drinks
- Dried Beans Powdered Milk
- Spaghetti Sauce Powdered Drink Mix
- Pasta Nuts
- Rice Granola / Trail Mix
- Crackers Special Dietary Foods


- Formula/Baby Food Diaper Rash Ointment
- Disposable Diapers Wipes


- Dog/Cat Food Carrier
- Leash Treats


- Aluminum Foil Trash Bags
- Dish Soap Toilet Paper
- Food Storage Bags Paper Towels
- Matches, Butane Lighter Paper Plates
- Camp Stove or Grill Paper Cups
- Flashlights and / or lanterns Plastic Knives, Spoons, Forks
- Extra Batteries Cleaning Supplies
- Fire Extinguisher Bleach
- Candles Insect Repellent
- Personal Hygiene Items Sunscreen
- First Aid Kit Medications
- Duct Tape Basic Tools
- Manual Can Opener Work Gloves